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Posted on 2011-01-13 00:34:13 by koe

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This is begging for a translation~

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okay, what I'll write here is 99% guesswork:
Pikasha: "Ikkene~ tehepero~" No idea what that's supposed to mean, tho. It's supposed to sound cute, I guess :o
Aki: First sentence could be translated to "One hour of gaming per day!?" if I'm not completely wrong. 2nd sentence contains "level" and "complete", so I just guess it's sth. along the lines of "How am I supposed to complete a level in only one hour!?"
sugar keeps repeating "pikasha", sth. along the lines of "[...] and that time Pikasha was..., also that time Pikasha was.., Pikasha, Pikasha, Pikasha...."
And shizuka is talking about some harem、girls at her place. Probably sth like gathering a harem of female seiyuu at her place. At least that theory sounds like shizuka ^^;

But srsly, I know almost no japanese at all, just trying to kill some time with guesswork.

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So apparently I have no idea how to save translation notes on danbooru, pressing the save button doesn't make the note appear there when I reload the page even though it says at the top "Note saved!"

Title: Female seiyuu are wonderful

Sawashiro: "Modern trash is pretty technologically amazing nowadays, I mean it can walk~"
~~~Sawashiro said this in Arakawa's radio, she can be a pretty evil person sometimes~

Hikasa: "My bad~ tehepero (・ω<)"
~~~Hikasa's favourite line when she plays a prank or says a joke.

Aki: "Only 1 hour of gaming a day!? With only 1 hour you'll never level up!"
~~~Said on Railgun Radio when Kanae told Aki to make her New Years resolution to limit her gaming to one hour a day.

Kanae: *Kanae is over 20 years old "Chorassu! 147 cm tall <3"
~~~"Chorassu!" is her radio, ChoRaji Girls' opening greeting. Her dressing up in elementary school clothing with the backpack was something that happened during the radio show.

Sato Satomi: "This one time Pikasha..." "That one time Pikasha..." "That other time Pikasha... Pikasha, Pikasha, Pikasha..."
~~~Sugar and Hikasa are really close friends and she loves talking about Hikasa.

Itou Shizuka: "My wish is to gather all the cute girls in the seiyuu business to spend time and live with them as my harem!" (Good voice)
~~~Itou Shizuka being Itou Shizuka.

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Thank you muchly~

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It looks like Shizuka's wish is already partially granted here.



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