2 years ago
>Remove my scans from here
Making this thread to prevent possible future inquiries as well as to determine this site's policy on sharing.

Let's begin with the simple fact that the scans don't belong to you, me, or anybody except maybe for the company that made the photos and printed them in the magazines. So unless you're one of them, you have no power here. Besides, unless you have watermarked "your" scans there is no way to tell if they were taken from your blog, you're not the only one buying and scanning magazines.

Removing pictures is what those copyright forcers always want anyway. By doing that people comply to their nonsense even if said pics were removed by someone else's request, such as yours maybe. Do you want them to win? I don't and this is why I carry on spreading the quality images and reposting them. Only through mass sharing can we negate their efforts. I've followed these rules since 2008 and have amassed over ten gigabytes of seiyuu scans, certainly not stopping now.

And purely from the personal point of view, I can not imagine why I would ever want people to remove "my" scans from somewhere. If anything, I'd feel a sense of accomplishment if people were sharing results of my efforts. Wouldn't you?

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