2 years ago
Booru Augmentation Project
It's no secret that the basic booru configurations that come with free membership at, such as this one, are quite lacking in functionality and design, compared to well-developed projects like Danbooru.

While I can't change the server-side configuration, I can try to compensate for that on client-side through usage of userscripts. I have got some experience in that already starting with Tumblr and now I'm ready to apply it here.

Meet - a userscript that will enhance your user experience here as well as on any other * hosted websites.
At the moment the work is in progress, but the most useful functionality is already finished - advanced tag editor that allows adding and removing tags by just two clicks and without page reloading. No more scrolling to the bottom of the page to access the tag editor, do everything right in the tag list to the left.

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